Cheap Couture Kids Clothing

cheap designer kids clothes

Look around thrift stores for couture clothing

Buying couture clothing for your children need not cost a fortune. First of all you should go to local thrift or charity stores and search the racks for designer kids clothing. You’ll see that most items are in still in pretty good shape otherwise they get thrown out before they make it to the clothes rails for sale. These designer kids items will be in a price range that you can more easily afford if you’re on a budget.

You could also take a trip to a 2nd hand, charity shop or thrift store in a more ritzy posh neighborhood or a suburb. In this kind of area you will be more likely to find designer kids clothing. If you think about it, who spends the most money on these types of items? Then you’re in the perfect area to score some bargains! Check our childrens clothing size guide to help you shop.

Consignment shops are similar to second hand stores and they will usually have discounted or second hand designer clothing there too. The prices at a consignment store will usually be a little higher than at a charity/thrift store. However you can find discount prices on designer clothes in these stores so do persevere.

Check out eBay’s guide to buying used designer clothes

The obvious choice for designer kids clothing at discount prices is to go online and simply search for ‘discount kids clothes’, or ‘designer kids clothing discount’ to find what you’re looking for. I always swear by eBay for new or 2nd hand clothing items.. you will always find something!

Not sure what brands to look for? Check out our advice on couture kids clothing designers

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