Couture Kids Clothing

burberry couture kids clothing

Couture kids clothing by Burberry

These days children have access to the internet which means they’re up to date with new fashion trends as and when they happen. When a style of clothing or accessories becomes all the rage, they quickly become fashion trends that spread like wildfire to everywhere else. If your child starts bugging you to death to get them some designer kids clothes then you are probably not going to hear the end of it until you give in.

Think back to when you were a child and think of all the constant peer pressure that was invisibly applied by your friends and school mates. Everyone wanted to be seen to be one of the cool kids didn’t they? One of the most important things to get you regarded as being cool was to be wearing the most up to date kid’s clothing and accessories.

If you yourself have long forgotten what the excitement of clothes shopping  was like when you were younger, you might seem to think that fashion is now an irrelevant and frivolous expense. After all now you’re a grown adult with more important financial responsibilities and you get used to prioritizing other things than your wardrobe. However your children are just discovering the wonderful world of fashion and they just want to to fit in and look fabulous. This means being accepted by children in their age group and it becomes all-important that you don’t wear old fashioned babyish clothes that mummy bought for you! If you’re anxious that you can’t afford these items for your little one then check out our advice for buying cheap designer children’s clothing

designer kids clothing

Designer childrenswear by Stella McCartney

If you haven’t realized it yet, you soon will: if you do not take your child with you when you go clothes shopping then you can almost be certain that they will not be happy with what you buy and bring home. Save yourself the frustration and decide that once your kids reach a certain age, they know themselves what they want to wear and what they want to look like. No other clothes are going to do, no matter how hard you try and no matter what opinion you have of kids clothing.

Couture kids’ clothing is certainly not the novelty items that we once thought they were. Designer clothes for children are becoming more and more mainstream as the main fashion houses now mostly have mini sized collections for children. With the event of these fashionable items becoming more mainstream means they’re becoming less expensive. Shop around to look for more inexpensive items and you’re sure to find some affordable kids’ designer clothing to suit your newly fashion conscious child.

For more advice on sizing and how to get the best out of your designer kids clothing, check out our childrens clothing size guide

Buying Children’s Clothes

It might seem easy but picking children’s clothes is a little complicated, especially if you’re buying clothes for your unborn baby. The amazing array of choices, sizes, colors and designs can be just overwhelming. Here are some tips which will help you find the right designer kids clothing for your little ones.

Determine the Size: Age or Height

kids designer clothing size chartChildren’s clothes sizes vary depending on age, i.e. you buy for the age group. If you’re buying for a baby then the first sets of clothes will be ‘0 to 3 months’ and then ‘3 to 6 months’ and so on. As your child grows and no longer conforms to age group heights, you might find that the clothing label sizes will change to height instead e.g. 128cm, 135cm and so on.

Be sure to find the right age range so the clothes will fit properly: always size up a little so if your baby is 2 months old you will want to buy the ‘3 to 6 months’ instead of the ‘0 to 3 months’. Children, especially babies, grow so quickly that they’ll hardly wear something if it’s just the right size when you purchased it.

Best Places to Shop for Children’s Wear

Department stores are easily the best place to shop for children’s clothes, because they have so many different brands, styles and price ranges all under the one roof. It’s best to try clothes on or hold them up to see if they’ll fit, so your child will really appreciate it if you don’t drag them around a hundred different shops to try things on. This is a great place for baby designer outlet store:

Keep a Record of Wardrobe Items

couture clothing checklistIt might seem silly but keeping track of exactly what items you have is an excellent money saver. I always purchase clothes at the beginning of spring for summer clothes, and in the autumn for winter clothes. Dig out what you’ve got left from last season and see if they still fit, and make an itinerary of what you have. This way you only buy what you really need and not what you think you need, or what you think is too cute to leave in the shop!

Ask for Used Clothes

Don’t forget to ask for hand-me-down clothes from your friends and family to save money. You’d be surprised how many people won’t offer this in case you take offense, so do mention that you’d find any unwanted clothes useful. If you haven’t got relatives or friends with older children then check out our cheap couture kids clothing advice.